If not, then you are missing out on a lot of potential new business and your competition wins!

1 %
of consumers use Google as their search engine
1 %
of consumers search online for local businesses
1 %
of searchers will pick businesses on the first page of Google Map results
1 %
of people search for a local business on their phone once a week

Did you know that 4 out of 5 searches via mobile devices result in a transaction in a matter of hours?!

See and manage your online reputation and visibility in real time

We monitor over 80 of the most recognized review sites, we quickly spot which sites need our attention and you will never miss customer feedback again!

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Google My Business is now called Google Business Profile

We are Google Business Profile optimization specialists with over 14 years in the industry. We have proven results!

What is Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile (GBP) is a service provided by Google which assists businesses in managing their digital presence without necessarily doing any additional work to their website. 

GBP, (also known as 3PACK) allows you to display and update your company details, such as: location, phone number, website , opening hours, products or services and other relevant business information.

Your GBP profile will serve as one of your primary customer engagement points for online users. It is important that users are able to find the information they need when they arrive on your GBP listing. It is imperative that your GMB is optimized and up to date. This allows users to visit your store, make a phone call or visit your website!

Google Business Profile listing is your most powerful LOCAL social media page. It is an awesome tool, however, make a mistake and your listing will be suspended or permanently deleted!

Optimizing your Google Maps provides major benefits toYOU!

Google search shows map results (GBP), BEFORE organic search results for the majority of local keyword searches. So, if you are not seen in the top 3 of Google Maps (3pack), you’re losing customers and web traffic. Let us optimize your GBP to ensure maximum visibility. INCREASE YOUR BOTTOM LINE. 

What does a Google Maps listing look like in the search results?

The top 3 Google Maps (3pack) listings are positioned directly below any sponsored listings in the search results and above the regular organic listings. These results come from discovery searches, which is when a consumer finds your business listing while searching for a category, product or service, within a specific location near them.

In order to rank in the local map 3pack, Google evaluates three main factors: distance from searcher, relevance to search query, and prominence.

Distance: Users searching for businesses near them, generally want the closest and most convenient options. Google will take into consideration how far your business is from the user when ranking for the local 3 pack. You do not necessarily need to be the closest to claim the top spots, relevance and prominence will determine Google’s map results.

Relevance: This means that your business aligns with the user search query.

Prominence: Is determined by how well established and reputed your business is. Bottom line, Google determine your value to the searcher by considering these key factors: # of Reviews and their quality, Backlinks and Local Citations (how your Name, Address and Phone # N.A.P. appear consistently across multiple key online directories). 

The top 3 Google Maps listings take the the most valuable real estate on the 1st page of the Google search results and your business is missing out on a lot of new business opportunites if you are not there.

We can boost your Google Business Profile rankings by removing spam!

Did you know? Google finds more than 25 billion spam-filled pages every day. Recently Google users submitted more than 230,000 reports of spam, 82% of which resulted in pages being taken down. Spam, unfortunately, is here to stay! Some business categories suffer more than others – ALL are susceptible however. In certain local business categories, such as locksmiths, lawyers, and insurance agents, the issue is so severe that the majority  of the most prominent search results on Google Maps are taken up by fake business listings. Competing against these fraudulent listings for visibility is a difficult.

We fight for YOU! Our technology is capable of monitoring and removing spam, directly!


Monthly service, no contract, cancel anytime.

GBP Services

  • Google Business Profile Audit
  • Create, Claim or reinstate suspended GBP
  • Removal of Spam Listings
  • Reputation reviews management and monitoring
  • Local Competitor Research & Analysis
  • Optimize and add correct categories to GBP
  • Optimize Business Description and Content
  • Add Profile Attributes
  • Create Products & Services
  • Add Optimized Images
  • Check NAP Consistency
  • Create Manual Citation Submissions
  • Create and optimize Google Geo-Grids
  • Check and monitor keyword rankings
  • Real-time Google Insights
  • Comprehensive Local Search Audit
  • On-SIte Website SEO Audit
  • Addition of new citations
  • Full accountability, detailed monthly reports
  • Grow your online visibility. Build a 5-star reputation. Drive more leads!

Let us do the heavy lifting for you!

  • We will get your business to show up on Google’s search results.
  • We will get your business listed on Google with full compliance. 
  • We will use Google Maps as the most economical way of promoting your business, products and services. 
  • We will make sure you are seen and report our efforts and results to you regularly. Set and Forget! 
  • We will find customers for you, this is our specialty. We are part of your team. 
OUR GBP optimization services WILL get your business on the map!


  • Amplifies your presence on Google,
  • Enhances listing engagement,
  • Increases phone calls, bookings, and website visits,
  • Boosts your competitive advantage and
  • Positively impacts your local rankings.

Phew!: categories, hours, phone number, short name,  website url, appointment url, products, services, attributes, business description, opening date, messages, photos, video content, GBP website, users, GBP store codes, questions and answers, GBP posts, managing your GBP reviews, responding to your insights and ADJUSTING TO GOOGLE’S NEVER-ENDING STRICT ALGORITHM REQUIREMENTS. 

GBP optimization involves the optimization of  your Google Business Profile listings and leveraging them for more transactions. Claiming your GBP listing is only one of many moving parts. Often what is overlooked is the importance of optimization. A correctly optimized GBP listing helps Google find and rank your business. This, over time, results in increased activities, not the least of which are: increased visitor traffic to both your website and locations AND increased revenues. 

An optimized GBP listing makes it very convenient for active local customers to find your business and services. By sharing your pertinent business information, along with an optimized listing, you will potentially maximize your appearances for customers in the Google 3Pack.

The Google 3 Pack is a Google owned display on Page One of search results displaying the FIRST three top MAP search results! This has value to you because Google gets about 75% of all clicks, resulting in higher transaction rates for your business. 

Citations are business listing profiles created on websites such as,,,,, to name a few. Correctly optimized citations are Google's preferred online validation points, linked back to your location. The result is increased visibility and engagement of your business.

Results vary from a few days to a few months, depending on the extent of what is needed to secure and optimize your profile. Please remember that TIME is often the most overlooked "ingredient" of correctly fulfilled GBP maintenance. 

Ongoing monitoring and maintenance is needed throughout your listing's life. We stay on top of that for you. 

Yes, this is an essential part of what what we do together with you. Verifying your listing is an essential need to have your business show on maps, regardless of position.